Sustainability Strategy

Never has sustainability been more important to the bottom line. There has been a ground-shift in the importance of climate change by governments, businesses and by the public. A businesses’ sustainability strategy, and the way it is implemented, can determine whether a company leads the change, or is led by it.

Richardson Phillips can help you choose your objectives, to help you deliver meaningful, positive strategic change.

Eco-design and Environmental Management

Factories all have targets to reduce waste, reduce energy use, and reduce water wastage, but are design decisions limiting what can be done operationally?

Many organisations keep their product decisions and operational environmental management decisions separate, and thereby build in unnecessarily high manufacturing costs throughout the product production. Richardson Phillips can help your business build operational improvements into design decisions for optimal through-life cost management.

Chemicals Regulatory Affairs Expertise

Cathy at Richardson Phillips has been helping business comply with chemical regulations for over 10 years. She can help you identify the regulations relevant to you, and can help you assess the effectiveness of your controls, to protect workers. She can help you manage your business risk associated with EU regulations for REACH, CLP, Biocides WEEE and ROHS. Cathy can help you manage and comply with the UK and other non-EU equivalents of these regulations.

Cathy has implemented a Chemicals IT management system to assist with REACH compliance, throughout a large multinational original equipment manufacturer. She collected the business requirements from all stakeholder groups, wrote the technical specification, chose the vendor and implemented the new system globally, saving the company £2million per year.

Environmental Improvement Projects

Whether it is a program to improve waste segregation across a factory or whether it is implementing energy efficiency initiatives for local government, Richardson Phillips has the experience to provide management for the project.

Climate Strategy: Adaptation and Mitigation

All organisations are currently reviewing how they will respond to the public demands for dealing with climate change. The UK government’s climate change committee has stated that we need to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Organisations, businesses and public bodies must establish how they can achieve this in their own areas of influence.

Despite the changes we will make, there will inevitably be a need to adapt to the changing climate, in addition to mitigation of carbon emissions. This requires far reaching changes which may impact the way in which operations are conducted, and therefore will require innovation and planning beyond current sustainability scope. Change may not be straightforward but it is necessary, and Richardson Phillips can help prepare organisations culturally and practically for the shift that is needed.